Sunday Morning Cuteness: Kid Pwned by a Snowball

Chang W. Lee for The New York Times

Okay, so this didn’t actually happen at Kenyon (it’s from a New York Times article about the city’s first big snowfall of the year), but it easily could have. And if grandma calls today, just tell her this is what you did yesterday (followed, of course, by a family-friendly movie night in your Forever Lazy and bedtime at 10:00 p.m.  … yes, that’s exactly it).

Sunday Cuteness: The Caples Petting Zoo

Yesterday afternoon, the Caples lounge, which is normally filled with nothing but bros watching football, was filled with something actually cute: dogs! The CA-sponsored event brought several Kenyon-employee-owned dogs of all shapes and sizes to Caples as a way to relieve stress and provide a study break before finals. The promised cat was not present, at least not while I was there, but the dogs were still delightful — more photos after the jump!

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