Kenyon Etiquette: When To Wear Sunglasses


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Now that we’ve escaped the terrible gloom that is winter in Gambier, the sun is out more often and ready to get in your eyes. It’s time to whip out your trusty sunglasses, unless you actually enjoy awkwardly half-winking at people around campus if you aren’t shielding your eyes at all times. But sometimes the sun goes away and there you are, continuing to don your shades in the shade like an idiot. What are you to do?

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10 o’clock list: 5 February Fashion Statements

Sunglasses are always in season. (via

Sneakers shouldn’t be called “sneakers” because when you wear them, everyone knows what you’re doing. There’s really nothing sneaky about it. You’re clearly going to exercise. Anyway. At Kenyon, some of our clothing choices may not be the most fashion-forward, but they just have a way of working themselves into our lives as we muddle around this tiny little grass patch that we like to call Gambier. A better word for “Fashion” at Kenyon might be more like “Help, I’m Slipping,” especially since Middle Path has turned into an ice luge and it’s really every man for himself out there. Here are some examples of February outfits for you flippant fashionistas.

  1. KAC Clothes All Day – This person woke up in the morning and said “Meh, who needs clothes?” and opted for the convenient and comfortable sneakers/shorts/sweatshirt combination. This is also known as “that jerk who gets attention for exercising” if they don’t make it to the KAC in the end. Continue reading