Petition to Save Sunset Cottage Started by Philander Chase

Yesterday’s edition of the Collegian featured an Opinions piece by Amy Schatz highlighting the possible demolition of Sunset Cottage, one of Kenyon’s most historically significant English buildings, loved by English students and faculty alike.

One person, or should I say, founder, took this demolition to heart. That’s right folks. Philander Chase created a petition

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What is the Meaning of This? Vol. IV

The dog-on-dog print that briefly adorned Peirce’s front doors has switched locations. Now it’s pasted up under a bookshelf in Sunset Cottage — that is, if it is in fact the same print, or just an eerily similar copycat. Where in the world will it go next? Paris? Dubai? The weird tiny bathroom in Gund Computer Lab? We’ll keep you posted as this breaking story develops.