The Monday Catchup

Another week has gone by already? It’s almost hard to believe. For me, the past week has faded into a blur of reading about political theory, meticulously creating Spotify playlists that only I will ever listen to, and lying on the floor. My failing memory, in this sense, doesn’t put me in the best position to catch you all up. But never fear! I have enlisted some of my friends to share a highlight of their week.

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How I Won The Thrill (But Shouldn’t Have)


Are you not entertained?

I know what you like, Thrill readers: alcohol. And although your average blogger could’ve told you that college students enjoy a drink now and then, I’ve got the numbers to prove it. It’s all part of the multi-year journey that has culminated in my “winning” the Thrill, as my editor Nathaniel told me the other day in econ. What does it mean to win The Thrill? Let me explain.

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Weekend Playlist: Stadium Anthems

Sports fans discovered  early on that their power to change the outcome of a sporting event occured through sheer volume–the unifying power of song provided an important vehicle by which they could corral their voices into a thundering chorus. As Superbowl Sunday approaches, now seems like an appropriate time to reflect on a few songs from the ever-selective canon of classic stadium anthems.

Who Let The Dogs Out? – Baha Men

The song first came to prominence after it was played during a Seattle Mariners game and jettisoned the Baha Men to superstardom after over ten years of producing optimistic, island inspired music (the whole discography is on Spotify, if you’re so inclined). As kids, we loved this song perhaps for no other reasons than the sounds of dogs panting and the tinkling metallic drums. Today, the question remains unanswered.

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The Monday Catch Up

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl.  (via

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl. (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were raging in Club Olin this weekend:

The Lead Story: The Superbowl was punctuated by a blackout, also the Ravens won (Ed. note: not psyched about that).  Confirming our suspicions that as goes Kenyon, so goes the Nation.

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Uphill/Downhill: Bro Edition

This week’s Uphill/Downhill is all over the map. From the Superbowl to parties on campus, this has certainly been an interesting week.

Uphill: Brozier at Crozier: Let’s be honest, I am going to go H.A.M. at this party. Also, the Queer Women’s Collective ladies are some of the chillest bros on campus. On my list of the best parties of the year, I have to say that Brozier ranks at least in my Top 5 (Honorable Mentions include: Highlighter, DKE Champagne and Blackout Christmas). If you ain’t there, you ain’t tryin’.

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