The Monday Catch Up

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl.  (via

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl. (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were raging in Club Olin this weekend:

The Lead Story: The Superbowl was punctuated by a blackout, also the Ravens won (Ed. note: not psyched about that).  Confirming our suspicions that as goes Kenyon, so goes the Nation.

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Uphill/Downhill: Bro Edition

This week’s Uphill/Downhill is all over the map. From the Superbowl to parties on campus, this has certainly been an interesting week.

Uphill: Brozier at Crozier: Let’s be honest, I am going to go H.A.M. at this party. Also, the Queer Women’s Collective ladies are some of the chillest bros on campus. On my list of the best parties of the year, I have to say that Brozier ranks at least in my Top 5 (Honorable Mentions include: Highlighter, DKE Champagne and Blackout Christmas). If you ain’t there, you ain’t tryin’.

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Super Bowl XLVI: The Good, The Bad and Madonna

Eli Manning...Superbowl MVP

For anyone who missed it, the Super Bowl was last night, with the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots in dramatic fashion by a score of 21-17. I spent the evening soaking up the action in the Gund Gameroom, dutifully noting everything. From the score to how upset I am that I missed the Puppy Bowl, it’s all here.

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