The Privilege of Solidarity


This article was guest authored by Savannah Daniels ’18

CW: this post discusses rape and sexual assault. 

This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

How many survivors are enough to justify protecting?

In the wake of an open sit-in of support for survivors of sexual assault, op-eds and letters have been flying back and forth. Mic, Teen-Vogue, and Jezebel covered the campus events of the last few days, framing the sit-in as an all campus reaction to administrative mishandling of sexual assault cases. Alumni have reached out in support, and survivors have organized.

Sit-ins have a tradition of empowerment. To be surrounded by supporters, to see the faces around you and know you are not alone in your cause—it can be a source of great empathy and action. But that isn’t what happened this Thursday. Not for everyone.

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