Weekend Drink: Hot Toddy

I’m doing my part to spread awareness!!

Well, November has set in.  It’s cold, it’s dark, the schoolwork is immense, and Thanksgiving break is tantalizingly close.  It’s also Sweet Potato Awareness month, incidentally.  Which I feel raises the dual questions of A) Who is unaware of sweet potatoes? and B) Why do we need a whole month to tell people about them?  I feel like it’s overkill…sorry, where was I?  Oh yes, booze!  You did  come here for booze, right?  It says Weekend Drink at the top of the page after all.  If you were expecting something else, this is your chance to close the page.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Still here?  Great, we didn’t need those other stuffy guys anyway.  Finally though, here’s a classic drink to keep you warm and pull your through all your Movember growing, NaNoWriMo typing, November themed needs:  Continue reading

Beat Back Those November Blues

Chin up, Cardboard Man! It’s Sweet Potato Awareness Month! (via blogspot.com)

And so it’s begun: the arduous three-week slog leading up to Thanksgiving break. The days are shorter, the wind is chillier, and the homework load has hit a fever pitch. That’s right, boys and girls–it’s November, the metaphorical Thursday night of the Western calendar.

Unfortunately, you can’t fast-forward to the holidays, but you can beat the November panic-induced freak out blues with a few suggestions.

  • Obtain a rake (I found a few in the Timberlake basement, if you’re feeling brave) and take advantage of Kenyon’s abundance of trees by creating a giant leaf pile. Abandon rake at safe distance. Jump in leaf pile. Repeat. Return rake when finished. Continue reading