On Topic, Off Topic: Back At It

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On Topic: “Syllabus Week – Though not as ritualized as it is at bigger schools, we are in the midst of our equivalent of syllabus week. We may not party as hard as this, but right now is likely the least amount of work you will have all semester (unless you are knee deep in comps). So enjoy it while it lasts before the darkness sets in. Welcome back, everybody.  Continue reading

Weekend Drink: Syllabus Week Spesh

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To all our of-age readers…

We’re finally back. After a summer of laziness (or intense internships, if that’s what you’re in to), the Kenyon community has reconvened in Gambier, and classes are in full swing. Accordingly, Weekend Drink is back. This weekend’s drink, The Syllabus Week Spesh, is one that most find too adventurous for all times except for these first few weeks back (and though syllabus week is technically over, that just-back-on-campus feeling still lingers).

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Uphill/Downhill: Pesto Chicken and Syllabi

Uphill: Peirce — I’m not sure anyone else has noticed (possibly because of how great the weather has been or how awesome their first weekend/classes back were), but Peirce has been on their game. For real. Comfort, Fusion and Vegetarian have been killing it lately. Pesto Chicken Burgers? Stunner. Kung Pao Tofu? Unstoppable. Oh yeah and did I mention we have a functioning Panini Press? To borrow a phrase, “it’s that good-good.”

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