Do it tonight: Speak Out


Every year, as part of Take Back the Night, there is a Speak Out where those affected by sexual assault have a chance to speak about their experience in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you have an experience to share, or you are a supporter of someone else, you should come to Peirce Pub tonight at 7PM to support those affected by sexual assault in sharing their stories.

  • What: Speak Out for Take Back the Night
  • When: 7PM – 9PM
  • Where: Peirce Pub

Kenyon Krafts: Fixing the T-Shirt You Just Bought in Peirce

Some of us aren’t skilled enough to avoid the Peirce Hazards and end up getting sucked in and shelling out $10. But that’s okay, because this t-shirt is awesome. It has a great message and a great slogan (and will still be on sale tomorrow during lunch and dinner!), and I’m not saying I regret buying it: I just regret convincing myself time and time again that the t-shirt will fit. For those times when Peirce runs out of your size so you buy the next one up and tell yourself it will shrink in the wash (Ha. Laundry.), or if you’re just plain awkward-looking like me, here’s how to turn that t-shirt into something snazzy and sassy.

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Do it tonight: Latoya Peterson

(via Racialicious)

Always noticing the token black character in every mainstream TV show? Interested in the representation of race, class and women in pop culture? Come hear Latoya Peterson, owner and editor of the award-winning blog Racialicious, speak in Higley Auditorium tonight at 7:00 p.m. Peterson, celebrated blogger and essayist, will be speaking as part of Take Back The Night’s week of events promoting positive sexuality. And if you can’t get enough, head to the reception in Crozier after the talk to meet/chat with Peterson (and drink tea!).

What: Lecture from feminist blogger, essayist, and owner/editor of Racialicious Latoya Peterson.

When: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Higley Auditorium