Stop Abusing Allstu!

Oh, hi! It’s me again, sharing my barely-contained rage at the latest abuse of the allstu mailing group! Look, I understand that it’s tough when people do something that bothers you, especially during a pandemmy. Still, it’s no excuse to force the entire student body to listen to your half-baked and, frankly, poorly thought out email. So, here’s a few alternatives/reasons to keep your opinion out of my inbox:

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Allstu Revu Vol. II



This lovely week in February has seen an avalanche of snow, heaps of lost coats and, of course, an onslaught of mail, albeit virtual. For the sake of “organization, classification, categorization” [paraphrased, with liberties, from Hedda Gabler], let’s trace some trends.

Things Lost at the Ganter: Kenyon’s first non-voluntary coat-swap.

A black Patagonia, how very idiosyncratic. A black Northface, revolutionary. “Unremarkable black down jacket.” Be remarkable, people! “Gold/green ombre michelin man”: finally, something distinctive. Beige cardigan, olive green beanie. Dark red circle scarf. Another black Patagonia. Zzzzzz. [Ed. — But seriously, if you find that beige cardigan, go right ahead and shoot an email to] Continue reading