I Infiltrated an A Cappella Group So You Don’t Have To

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That’s right gang. Despite having no vocal training, no singing experience, and only the vaguest idea of what a time signature is, I went undercover and pretended to be in an a cappella group for two (2) years so you don’t have to. And now the jig is up, and I’m here to share with you all the things I’ve learned in my secret time singing without instruments. The Group in Question: Take Five, Kenyon’s premiere jazz a cappella group, the sexiest group on campus and the only group stupid enough to take me.

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The Owl Creeks Really Sucked Friday Night


Okay, buckle up guys. I know it’s customary on this blog when we “review” things to just shit out some vague compliments, but not today. I am so confused.

Let’s start at the beginning. This weekend was an aca-SPLOSION so I get that things were a little hectic, but when I walked up the steps of Rosse Friday night, there was a GIGANTIC Take Five banner. Wrong sign, idiots. Couldn’t even give us the curtesy of some basic planning. That could have really thrown some people off.

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Do it tonight: Dancing With the Kenyon Stars (and Take Five Concert)

It’s fun. It’s quite possibly the classiest event of the semester. It’s free, but for $2 you can vote and also give to an important charity.

That’s right, it’s Dancing With the Kenyon Stars, back for a second year. You can even make it a double feature: this event directly follows the Take Five concert that starts in Rosse at 7:00 p.m.

  • What: Dancing With the Kenyon Stars, presented by the Ballroom Dance Club
  • Where: Rosse Hall
  • When: 8:30 p.m. tonight