The fuck is a market dog?

Greetings, ladies, gents, and those who do not fall within the suffocating constraints of the gender binary. Let me get straight to the point. I seek to answer an age-old question plaguing many a Kenyon student: what the fuck is a market dog? This coveted commodity, supposedly more than just a hot dog, is sold for 75 cents apiece at the Village Market. However, these things of legend are but a mere fraction of the great body of Kenyon lore. But they are a mere fraction no more. On Tuesday, April 9, myself and some of my idiot friends set out to answer this question for ourselves.

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Peirce Has Fake LaCroix Now

Peirce Has Fake LaCroix Now

Peirce has fake LaCroix now, and we decided to blind taste test it against real LaCroix to give you honest reviews of our beloved dining hall’s newest feature. Comments from Mia Fox, Michael Audet, Tyler Raso, and Mollie Greenberg. Continue reading

We Tried Every Single Flavor of Italian Soda at Wiggin So You Didn’t Have To


Knock, knock–who’s there? It’s me, I’m at Wiggin Street Coffee Shop ready for the day. What’s that? They’re coffee machine is broken? Ok I will just have an iced tea. What’s that? That’s also broken? How can you break tea? Never mind. Now I don’t know what to get! Oh wait–I know! I’ll just get an italian soda. So refreshing and fun.

But I don’t know what flavor to order. I’m overwhelmed and need help. I guess I will just have to try every single flavor with the entire Thrill editing staff. 

Let’s begin. The following is a stream of consciousness through the taste-testing process.


  • Why is there cream???? 
  • excited
  • lactose intolerance is concerning
  • im apprehensive


  • feeling gassy (a leel)
  • overwhelmed
  • kenda *eating carrots and hummus

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