I Drank Out of Bowls For Three Days and Sorry I’m Enlightened Now (But Not Really)


photo cred: Mollie Greenberg, who would like to say “I think you could associate me with liquids”

Look around you. The world is two big bowls pressed together with a cranberry vinaigrette salad in the middle. Your head is a bowl for the squishy computer we call the brain. Your hands are just flexi-bowls. Eyes? Bowls. Your heart is a bowl for the slippery blood which breaths emotion and heartburn into you. Bowls, even, are fashion (see below).

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Which Search Term Brought YOU to the Kenyon Thrill?

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 8.34.52 PM.png

They say you always remember your first. Mine was a delectably gooey Monday Catchup by Grandma Thrill Mia Fox. But what was yours? Thanks to the great glory that is ~TecHNOloGY~ we were able to gather some of our favorite search terms that brought us our treasured readers. Tag yourself. I’m ‘peanut man.’

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In the Studio: Miles Shebar’20


Photo by Natalie Berger ’20

Welcome to In the Studio, a feature dedicated to exploring some of the fantastic independent musicians at Kenyon. This week, we showcase Miles Shebar, a studio art major and producer from New York blending his ambient style with hip-hop to create original electronic compositions. Stay tuned for an exclusive release of his newest single.

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From the Collegian Archives: The birth of television


Today we feature a piece that reminds just how far technology has come in the past 50 years. Published in February 2nd, 1954, this brief article is about the acquisition of Kenyon’s first television set. Located in Peirce Hall, the set was a mere 21 inches but was a source of fascination for many Kenyon students. The students who experienced television coming to campus are now in their 60s and 70s. In the past 50 years they have seen that television transition from a single item on campus, to a five inch device that almost every Kenyon student has on them at all times.

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Kenyon: Brought to You by Apple?

The iPhone -- Kenyon's true mascot?

It’s a dedicated reader indeed who voluntarily conducts a poll in Peirce during the chaos of prime dinner-rush hours.

Luckily for us, that’s exactly what Sarah Krumholz ’13, Lily Bullitt ’13 and Chloe Irwin ’13 did a few nights ago, and they were generous enough to pass their results on to The Thrill.

The three seniors’ survey was born out of a casual conversation about the abundance of iPhones at Kenyon, and, as they explained via email, “We wanted to put some numbers behind the discussion, so we asked everyone sitting in Old Side and New Side Peirce whether or not they had an iPhone.”

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