Opening Up the Discussion on Textbooks

Kenyon's Bookstore (via

Kenyon’s Bookstore (via

We love them, we hate them. Required textbooks are both a necessity and a burden at Kenyon, a reality that we have to face as students here. Textbooks have become a hot topic across the nation, as students and publishing companies face-off in a battle of the budgets. Kenyon is no exception to the ongoing struggle between publishers’ need to compete in a fierce market, which now includes electronic books and sales, and students’ growing reluctance to pay exorbitant fees for books they feel are unnecessary.

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10 o’clock list: Things I Missed While Abroad (But Not Really)

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It’s the first week of Spring semester, and that means one thing: an influx of Juniors back on the Hill. Returning to Kenyon for the first time in months means that Juniors who studied off-campus must become reacquainted with everything they missed while they were gone. And it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the little things that make Kenyon special.

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