Mom Texts: Texts from a Mom, Vol. 3


Mama Julez had a lot to say during the Democratic Debate

Moms. They love us and take care of us.  But one thing they can’t do is send normal texts that can’t be made fun of in some way.  That’s right.  It’s time for this year’s first installment of Mom Texts!  It’s our recurring feature where we examine the texts of my own mother and some of her fellow moms.

  • “I had a dream that you turned into candy corn. Tell me you are human… please.” – This one comes from the mother of Joey Chimes ’19, one of our new writers.  This would indeed be a scary dream for a mom to have about her kid, so I sympathize with her.  I would not want my kids to become candy corn!
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Mom Texts: Texts from a Mom, Vol. I

Don’t want to embarrass her too much, so here’s her FB profile picture of an Argentine food vendor from a couple of years ago

Moms are wonderful people.  They care and nurture you as you grow up, but are still there for you when you’re a big boy or girl.  And, best of all, they text you.  Rather a lot, if you’re my mom.  And some of those texts are quite wonderful in their quirky, mom way.  That doesn’t even include her Instagram full of flowers and action figure Benjamin Franklins.

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Texting with Decatur: An Exposé


Recently, we at the Thrill have been thinking a lot about our role on campus. What does it truly mean to be the blog face of this campus? That is why we made a call to Washington to begin a very tentative partnership with the NSA. Aren’t those the guys that are tapping phones and can read our email? Bluntly? Yes. The benefit though is posts like this one. We present to you D-Cats’s most intimate communications. Finally a little transparency on this campus!

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