Seniors Reminisce: President S. Georgia Nugent

Georgia Nugent

The Nuge: Most remembered for her amazing and wide array of purple clothing.

Senior year is weird. One minute you’re a child, lost in the big world of Gambier, and the next you’re looking back and saying, “Hey, things have changed slightly? Were they always this way? No, I guess not.” And then judging younger people for not knowing the same things we do. But one of the biggest changes in the past four years? The passing of the presidential torch from S. Georgia Nugent to Sean Decatur. Here, we have some seniors give their thoughts on our former president.

Annaliese Milano ’16

She had some really atrocious purple Ugg boots that I once saw her in at the Post Office. It was the dead of winter, but I don’t think that makes it ok?

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