The Never-Ending Quest for Email Relevance

2008_07_14 dog email


So All-Stu sends out a lot of emails. I mean a lot. My inbox is so full I’m pretty sure I could launch the digital equivalent of an archeological expedition and still only make through to January before I died of exhaustion (or , you know got bored. Whichever comes first.) Some of them contain valuable information or upcoming events I’d like to go to. But not many. In order to get an idea of how often to pay attention to All-Stu emails, here is a random smattering some of recent emails  and their appropriately ranked relevance:

Re: Moodle Planned Outage for 3:00 A.M. Tuesday

  • I hopefully will never, ever have a reason to be on Moodle at 3 in the morning. If I am, it’s for one of two reasons: I have a paper overdue and 3 AM is the soonest I can get it in, or I left myself logged in at the library. Either way, it’s not going to end well.

Relevance: 1/5

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Riveting Rends: The Day My Spanish Professor Saw My Penis, Maybe

RIP Jacob’s ’15 pants (Get it? Rip? Haha.)

As someone who spends most of her time knitting and watching PBS, fixing rips and tears in all my friends’ clothing seemed like the only productive next step. As the repairs started piling up, Simon Golovcsenko ’15 suggested that instead of charging people for the repairs, the “rip-ees” in question should write the story of how the rip occurred, and Riveting Rends was born.

Read on after the jump to see Jacobs ’15 brush with nudity.

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