So Long, Farewell, We’re Gone

Wow what a semester! As always, this is just a post to say that Erica and I have been honored to be your Editors-in-Chief. We’ve had some good times running the thrill, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve posted some things we probably shouldn’t have. But it’s been fun! But it is time for Erica and I to go where all Thrill Editors-in-chief go after their time is up, that big WordPress blog in the sky. (Jk we’ll still probably be around).

Anyway, we’re passing off the gauntlet to Mia Fox and Shayne Wagner as Editors-in-Chief for next semester, and they’re gonna do great!

It’s been real y’all, remember us and think of us when you can #NeverForgetThrillSpring2017



Sam and Erica

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So we’ve had an instagram for a while now, but we think it deserves more attention. Follow The Thrill’s instagram account for more fun–highlights can be found below.

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fries or green beans first glance be honest

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blue rice for halloween

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