Buzzfeed Love Kenyon

Source: Buzzfeed

Not the most flattering angle of our dear SMather, but it will do.

Once again, Buzzfeed featured Kenyon in a list about college life. Indirectly, Kenyon is the star of Buzzfeed’s 31 Sure Signs You Went To A Liberal Arts College. Besides the fact that almost all of the points apply to the average Kenyon student (#31 is hard to swallow), Samuel Mather Hall is pictured in number 10 for “You picked your school in part because it reminded you of Hogwarts.” Suck it UChicago!  Adding to Kenyon’s liberal-arti-ness, the source of the photo is a class project on “The Women’s Coordinate College at Kenyon,” which was apparently a thing. Well played, Buzzfeed.