A Conversation with Lizzie O’Leary

Over the course of last week’s CSAD Conference, the Collegian talked to economists, journalists and experts who had descended on Gambier to discuss economic inequality. Collegian Social Media Director Eric Geller ’14 and I were lucky enough to speak with some of the invited panelists on video. Today’s CSAD interview is with Lizzie O’Leary, host of “Marketplace,” a radio show that focuses on businesses and the economy.

O’Leary talks about the challenges of reporting on the radio, whether journalists should be doing a better job parsing through political talking points, and what listeners should expect from her upcoming program, “Marketplace Weeekend.”

Take This Nuge Survey (You Know You Want To)


“We are not amused.”

Do you ever muse to yourself, “Ugh, I have so many thoughts and feelings about The Nuge, but I just don’t know how to express them”? Well, you’re in luck, because the Collegian has put together a lil’ survey about her time at Kenyon. The poll, which features questions ranging from “Has President Nugent been an accessible presence on campus?” to “Does President Nugent wear enough sparkles?” can be accessed here — fill it  out, and maybe she’ll pose nude for you (Spoiler alert — she won’t.)

An Official Challenge: Kickball Anyone?

We are exactly as good at sports as the Bad News Bears.

We are exactly as good at sports as the Bad News Bears.

You may not know this about us, but we at The Thrill are pretty ballin’ kickball players. (Ed. – PUN!) In fact, we love kickball and everything that it encompasses so much that we would like to take the time to officially challenge any student organization (preferably a non-athletic student organization…because let’s face it, we aren’t that good) to a good ol’ fashioned game. As of press time, the Collegian has not yet acknowledged our official challenge to engage in some good-natured sport, even though we have scribbled it on their office white-board countless times. Take to the comments to respond to this official challenge. Someone please just play kickball with us…