Weekend Playlist: Class of 2019 Edition


Ah, to be young again.

Social media has blossomed over the past decade, and no more so than in accepted student facebook pages. The crabby meddlers that we are, older Kenyon students have infiltrated the Kenyon Class of 2019 page to offer advice/ post funny (???) jokes. In this realm, we have discovered an untapped goldmine: the Kenyon ’19 Spotify playlist. So pour yourself a glass of Keystone Light, kick back, and enjoy the musical tastes of our incoming freshman class.

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

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The Smoke-Free Future is Now


On campus for the summer, Madeleine Thompson ’15 snapped this photo proving that the College’s controversial smoke-free policy has, in fact, come to pass. Because it is within 15 feet of a building, the patio area in front of Farr Hall is now a no smoking zone, sporting this stylish purple placard.

Smoking will still be allowed in the area between Olin Library and the Gund Gallery, on the patio behind Horvitz Hall, on the patio outside Gund Commons, and around all residential buildings — but no closer than 15 feet to any building.