BREAKING: Cove Demolition


The demolition of the former Gambier Grill building began today. Earlier this week, the Office of Communications sent out a mass email informing students that the Gambier Grill was to be destroyed sometime this week, though not specifying the time. The email states:

The razing of the building that housed the Gambier Grill is scheduled for this week, pending the approval of a demolition permit by the village of Gambier.
Shellenbarger Contracting of Mount Vernon will handle the demolition, the recycling of some materials and the removal of debris at 100 E. Brooklyn St. Asbestos, found in one room, has already been removed by Affiliated Environmental Services of Sandusky, Ohio.

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10 o’clock list: Questions and Comments We Have About the Buns Outside The Cove


Last week, staff writer Elizabeth Norman ’16 spotted two buns and a smashed iPhone outside of The Cove in broad daylight. It turns out that the iPhone was unrelated and was later removed, but the buns were intentionally placed in the alleyway by Cove employees to “feed the birds.” Not only does this completely change my perception of The Cove, but it raises a whole set of questions and comments, that for your intellectual stimulation, we have included below.

1. So The Cove is the weird pigeon lady of Gambier. Confirm or deny. Confirm, but let’s call it benevolent instead of weird–it’s not like they’re putting out their veggie burger for the poor little city chickens. That would just be beans. Mean. That would be mean.  Continue reading

Gems from the Treasure Cove


Naturally, I Instagrammed it, because I am a simple millennial.

I’m a big fan of going to and from South campus via the pathway that cuts through the Gambier Grill’s parking lot (there’s nothing quite like walking through that stagnant, fry oil-scented patch of air on my way to my morning class). I make this walk almost every day, so I always see a bunch of weird stuff on the ground outside of the Cove, which is the only kind of stuff I’d expect to see on the ground outside of the Cove. For example, last week, I walked by a discarded red toothbrush and an entire cinnamon bun.

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