Halloween Pick-Up Lines: How to Get Candy in Your Bag

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Halloween is a big deal. You’ve been working hard on your costume (ha) and surely you want someone to notice! If you’re trick or treating for something sweet this weekend, we’re here to help. Here are some lines to try on your spooky-pooky.

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ThrillNotes: “The Great Gatsby”

It’s Monday night, which means if you’re anything like me, you’re curled up in a sweaty pool of regret, desperately doing the reading  you ignored all weekend while intermittently clenching your fists and bellowing “CURSE YOU, UNKNOWABLE UNIVERSE!” up at the sky. Well, bellow no more, friends, because the Thrill‘s got you. From now until the end of the semester, we’ll be offering illustrated summaries of  the books most frequently found on Kenyon syllabi (and hurled across the length of Kenyon dorm rooms by unwilling readers with 70 pages left to read by 9:40). 

Tonight’s selection? F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. Remember, kids, actual reading’s for chumps. (All illustrations courtesy of the illustrious Olivia Grabar Sage)

Nick tells the story of Gatsby. Gatsby is new-money rich and throws dope parties, but is v. shady.


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The Purinton Primer: My Day with Jay Gatsby

Like any good drama major, I am a theater addict. Not only am I lucky enough to attend a school where there is basically a show every single weekend, but I also intently follow the theatrical goings-on across the country and especially in my hometown of New York. At lunch, it’s fairly common to see me in Peirce poring over The New York Times arts section and excitedly screaming at my friends things like “Guys! Can you believe that Drood is being revived with Chita Rivera playing Princess Puffer?! Aren’t you soooooooo excited?”

As you can see, my friends can’t believe it either.

Any break from Kenyon is an opportunity for me to attend as much theater as my parents are willing to pay for I can. This spring break was no exception, and my days were filled with theater. Notable productions that I saw over the break included a really fantastic play about a hand puppet who is possessed by the devil and a show that I have been wanting to see since I read about it one fateful day in the Times: a show entitled Gatz at the Public Theater. Continue reading