Overheard at Kenyon: Vibrators, Lenny Kravitz and Human Sacrifice

"Sheila was never the same after she overheard her two coworkers verbally abusing the water cooler." - Kafka

“Sheila was never the same after she overheard her two coworkers verbally abusing the water cooler.” – Kafka

John Green impersonator admiring the new Caples mural: Anything could be a metaphor. You’re a metaphor. The art in this elevator is a metaphor.

Senior studying for anything but history comps: But like, what’s Old Mexico?

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How to Survive Finals Week: Hunger Games Edition

May the odds be ever in your favor.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

It’s that special time of year, everyone: when our elders come up with fun, exciting ways to further test our knowledge. It feels like a final countdown. Ever since you got that final study guide from your professor or were assigned that final project, your stomach dropped. The amount of work before you seemed impossible. You looked around your fellow classmates and easily could see them making it through the next few weeks, but you knew you wouldn’t be so lucky. As a first year, I keep waiting for upperclassmen to volunteer as tribute for me, but so far no luck. In other words, we have all reached the Hunger Games of Kenyon: Finals Week. Continue reading


The GOP race, work galore and the comeback of Nite Bites OH MY!

Uphill: GOP Nomination Race — Ahh, now there’s something to watch.  Considering the result of the South Carolina primary, it now seems we have a real race on our hands.  Here’s to competition!  My suggestion? Having just read The Hunger Games over break, I suggest that we pit Romney against Gingrich in a literal battle arena.  Now that’s what I call entertainment! I can see it now, CNN would be all over it.  Instead of campaign contributions we can just send the candidates members medicine and weaponry.*

Downhill: Homework — Now that we are settled back into another semester on this most glorious of hills, it seems the real work is beginning.  With the add/drop period coming to a close, our professors have decided to blindly jump into a full semester’s workload.  Most of them run with blinders on, paying no attention to the fact that there are other courses in our schedules.  Much like the childhood fantasy that our teachers live at school (was that just me?), the tables have turned, and now it is the fantasy of our professors that we attend but one class a week (not 100% sure what they think we do the rest of the time).  Note: if you are a senior working on comps, you have been hard at work for a while now.  If that is the case, Downhill is the weather, I guess?  Having to figure out the rest of your life?

*If you have been living under a rock and have not gotten to read The Hunger Games, I pity you, and the last few sentences have not made much sense (for reasons other than my terrible writing).