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10 o’clock list: Top 5 Things I Learned in 2013

Like every year (and every week), 2013 had its ups and downs. There were new cities, new faces, new heartaches, and new friends. Some of it was good and some of it was bad. It’s like what that one famous writer wrote: “Good things are good and bad things are bad.”  I like to think that being exposed to this random mixture of good and bad things from the past year has made me a wiser, stronger, person. So in tonight’s list, I’d like to force you all listen to my discoveries of 2013. Or not. The choice is yours.

  1. Astrology is cool.  And real! Like it’s an actually thing and some Kenyon celebs know a lot about it. Scary a lot. I really have to say that it was nice to know that every human had a terrible October once I learned that Mercury was in retrograde. And if Susan Miller is right (I’m sure she is), then 2014 is going to be glorious.  Continue reading

Kenyon Kraftz (Kinda): Express Your Finals-Week Angst via GIF

You are Bob Ross, and the Internet is your palette.

You are Bob Ross, and the Internet is your palette.

Today’s edition of Kenyon Kraftz goes out to all the stressed, creatively challenged Internet nerds out there (better-known around the Thrill offices as “our target demographic.”) This create-your-own-GIF website can help you express your inner finals-week turmoil; no, it’s not a particularly kreative Kenyon kraft, but  it’s quick, easy and should bring you much unproductive joy. Good luck ever writing a paper again.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Do what they tell you to do (it takes like 20 seconds).

Step 3. Enjoy your personalized GIF.

For my GIF, I chose to upload 3 photos of myself miserably trying to complete a 10-page term paper. Check it out after the jump! Continue reading

The Way Things Work: [Student-Info]

“Now everyone will know to come to my senior thesis show!”

You may be one of the roughly 1,600 Kenyon students who receives a daily barrage of emails with the heading “Student-Info” in the subject line. I know, I know, who authorized the school to send us spam? But don’t panic; the Thrill is here to explain the meaning of these constant communications. And just so you know, our information is legit. Everything reported below comes straight from Ron Griggs, VP of LBIS and overlord of your email.

A Brief(ish) History

Long, long ago,  when email was spelled with a hyphen (the early 90’s),  it wasn’t so easy to shoot an email to your professor to beg for a paper extension. Email accounts weren’t for everyone. Usually they were only given to students in the natural sciences, because they were most likely to be using computer software for their work. But early on, Kenyon decided to give all of its students email accounts. And as soon as Kenyon students received email accounts, they  began to use them constantly. (To this day, Kenyon uses email more than its peer institutions).

Continue reading