10 o’clock list: KAC Amenities I’ll Miss Most Post-grad


I love you


As a graduating senior, I’ve been saying a lot of hard goodbyes recently. I just had my last academic class ever. Soon, I’ll be saying goodbye to all my underclassmen friends and before you know it I’ll graduate and will be thrust, quivering and raw, into the real world. All goodbyes are different: somethings I’m happy to see the last of, others I’m not sure I can bear to let go. The KAC is in the latter category. That beautiful, shimmery behemoth tugs at my heartstrings every time I see it. Here’s what I’ll miss most about my sporty baby. Continue reading

Do it Tonight: West African Dance Class

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If you’ve checked your Kenyon email at least once in the past week, you should know that it’s Global Engagement Week. And one of the many activities you should have/still can participate in is KenyonFit’s West African Dance Class, taking place tonight in the KAC. What could be a better excuse to drop your copy of Heart of Darkness and go shake your booty while learning some real African culture? Just make sure not to wear socks.

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Unknown Animal Living in Pipe by KAC

Meet Arthur. He is not a squirrel. He kinda looks like one in this pic, but trust me. He is not a squirrel.

Meet Arthur. He is not a squirrel. He kinda looks like one in this pic, but trust me. He is not a squirrel.

Attention! All you nature and animal enthusiasts out there. I call upon you to answer an extremely important question. There is a little furry dude living in a pipe on a hill by the KAC. He pokes his head out at me whenever I walk by, any time of day or night. I have named him Arthur. In order to continue our experimental acquaintanceship I would greatly like to be able to identify his animal species. I’m thinking badger, maybe groundhog? Take to the comments to figure this out. Arthur needs your help.

KAC Yoga, in Review

This is totally me.

This is totally me.

Namaste all you yogis and non-yogis out there. I am now going to take you all on a journey, or really a review of a journey, on which I recently embarked. Just yesterday I decided it would be spiritually calming and physically advantageous for me to attend one of the many yoga classes offered at the KAC. Without any preparation or research, I grabbed a friend who was as inflexible and as unfamiliar with KAC life as myself and we headed down to begin our yoga experience.  Continue reading