The Times, They Are A Changin’ at The Thrill

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Dear readers,

September marks The Thrill’s four year anniversary. Over the course of these years, our leadership has changed but our vision has remained largely the same. The role of the blog on campus, however, has changed significantly. The Thrill started as the arm blog of The Kenyon Collegian in September of 2011. Now, in September of 2015, The Thrill would like to announce that it is no longer a subsidiary of The Collegian. Continue reading

A Look Into the Collegian Magazine

(Left to right) Gabe Brison-Trezise ’16 and Henri Gendreau ’16, via the Kenyon Collegian

For our off campus and alumni readers (and those of you who haven’t kept your eyes open), the Collegian has launched a new magazine (read it here) devoted to long form journalism (the first ever Kenyon magazine, not counting the failed attempt by the Collegian to become a magazine).

The magazine is the project of Collegian Co-Associate Managing Editor Henri Gendreau and Co-Chief Copy Editor Gabe Brison-Trezise, both of the class of 2016. Each had the idea of a campus magazine independently and were paired up by Collegian management last spring to begin working on this project. Brison-Trezise said that he and Gendreau have developed the magazine mostly independently from the Collegian, though he characterized current management as “very supportive.”

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Kenyon Mythbusters: Tunnel Under Middle Path?

This post was co-written by Thrill staff writers Matt Delbridge ’16 and Annaliese Milano ’16.


Imagine: it’s warm and sunny outside and due to the sudden influx of vitamin D, you’re skipping down Middle Path, Yellow Brick Road style. Being the graceful little swan that you are, you catch a toe and bite it—hard. Brushing off your dignity and plucking the gravel from your ass, you turn around to see what tripped you up. Ugh, of course, the little square that looks suspiciously like a trap door. Likeomigod it doesn’t even go here.

We know our besties at The Kenyon Collegian already debunked the rumor that there are tunnels under Middle Path, but we’re still not convinced. Some theories as to what’s really under there:

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