The Thrill Presents: The Kenyon Sound, Vol.1

A sampler of recent tunes by current students & alumni.

You all know that kid who plays guitar on the chapel lawn and covers Bob Dylan in his room during the wee hours of the night.  But do you know the dude in your international studies class who’s actually a boss hip-hop producer?  Is one of our alums really splitting a single with Deerhoof? Who were those dudes rapping and hitting things at the activities fair?  What’s a “Pinegrove” anyway?

It’s been a busy summer for Kenyon musicians, and thanks to the Internet (not to mention all the artists who so graciously shared their music with us) we here at The Thrill managed to cull together an online mixtape of sorts: 18 hand-picked songs, beats, remixes, album cuts and live recordings by both current students and alums, with a few guest musicians here and there.

Make music?  Email with tunes, releases and anything you think we should hear!

Free (!!) download, tracklist and more juicy deets after the jump.

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