Kenyon Kults: A Cappella

Aca-don't even get me started. (via

Aca-don’t even get me started. (via

The Kokes, the Creeks, the Chasers, Take Five, the Ransom Notes, the Stairwells, the Cornerstones, Colla Voce — all student-run groups capable of filling Rosse Hall quicker than you can say “aca-scuse me.” But what secrets lie inside those 10:15 p.m. rehearsals? Do “mash-ups” exist in the real world? What in the heck is the music lab? To answer some of your most burning aca-questions, I’m going to compare Kenyon’s a cappella scene with that mess of an aca-movie we all hate to admit we’ve seen a jillion times: Pitch Perfect. In addition to being incredibly contrived and emotionally vacant, this movie perpetuates some pretty horrible stereotypes about a cappella. I’m here to bust those lies up with some cold, hard facts. Get ready. Continue reading