The Nuge on Drinking

The Nuge with President Decatur and President Emeritus Philip Jordan at Decatur's inauguration. (via

The Nuge with President Decatur and President Emeritus Philip Jordan at Decatur’s inauguration. (via

President Emerita Georgia Nugent–colloquially known as the Nuge–wrote a New York Times op-ed on her opinion of the drinking age. Citing increasing rates of binge drinking, and “the very dangerous form of “pre-gaming,”” Nugent hopes lawmakers will consider reducing the drinking age from 21, so young people will learn to be responsible with alcohol. To read the piece, click here!

President Nugent talked up higher ed’s financial woes on NPR this morning

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

For Kenyon, the discussion on economic inequality didn’t end after CSAD. Just today former President S. Georgia Nugent went on NPR’s “Morning Edition” for a segment called “When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions.” The 7 1/2-minute interview is worth a full listen, but check out highlights after the jump.

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10 o’clock list: Things Clogging Your Shower Drain

Don't let it happen to you.

Don’t let it happen to you.

We’ve all been there, after a long night of apple juice and mac ‘n’ cheese wedges from the Cove, the first thing you need is a nice relaxing shower.  Over the course of five minutes to an hour, you slowly rouse yourself and stumble your bleary way into the bathroom.  What’s this though?  You appear to have stepped into an inch of stagnant liquid which context clues tell you might have once been water.  What could be behind this horrible travesty?  The Thrill hypothesized on this repellent riddle.

  1. Everyone’s black North Face/ Patagonia Jacket lost in Old Kenyon. Seriously, that place is like that Bermuda Triangle of white suburbia’s clothing.  What with their moisture wicking technology and thick thermal linings, these jackets are perfect for clogging up even the toughest drains. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Speculation Behind the Nuge Poster


“Take me home”, she says.

Rather than the typical black Northface and wallet, somebody lost an 8×10 portrait of the Nuge last weekend. It was late Sunday afternoon when Dyer Pierce ’14 emailed the student body to inquire if anybody had lost a picture of Former President S. Georgia Nugent near the New Apts parking lot. In the usual sea of pleas for lost jackets, phones, keys, wallets, hats, and friends, Pierce’s email stood out. HAHAHA what. Why would you have a portrait of the Nuge? Well, nobody seems to know–and so far, nobody has claimed the portrait. In an attempt at investigative journalism, we present some speculation about the scene of the crime and its victim:

  1. It’s like Stonehenge. Nobody knows how it got there. Nobody knows what it means. Aliens? Definitely Aliens. Continue reading

Philander and The Chasers

Sing me another, Philander.

Sing me another, Philander.

Kenyon loves a cappella. More people attend a cappella concerts than our football games.* Kenyon also loves our Presidents. They’re our main campus celebrity at any given time. But have you ever wondered which a cappella groups former presidents would have joined? Probably not, but work with me here.

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