Tips On Not Getting An Internship

lol @ internships

Summer is fast approaching, and nobody will shut up about internships. Yes, they are important and all that jazz, but come on. You know all you want to do is spend the summer poolside and/or on your couch watching Netflix. When your parents come asking about your progress in applying for your unpaid internship, here are some tips to rendering your application useless while still feigning interest and progress. Continue reading

How To Be a Person: Removing Laptop Stickers


I too heart asphalt

Gone are the innocent days of freshman year, when you happily plastered your Macbook with stickers for all your favorite liberal causes. But now the Obama sticker is peeling, as is the KC Outdoors Club and WKCO stickers you picked up at your first activities fair, despite never once going to a meeting. What’s more, your mother won’t leave you alone about applying for jobs, and so dawns the realization that you will soon be an adult, who can’t be seen with a colorful, opinionated laptop.  So you try to peel your stickers off, but all you get is half peeled-off stickers. Read on to learn how to remove those stickers effectively. Continue reading

Do it today: Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to find employment eventually. And to do that, you’ll probably need internships or other experience of some kind. The least you can do is make your resume pretty, or maybe shiny, so hiring managers might not immediately throw it in the shredder. Well, that guy who sends you lots of amusing emails begging you to attend Career Development Office events is here for you.

Today at common hour — that’s 11:00 a.m. — the Writing Center is hosting a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop. Scott Layson will lead the workshop, which will take place in the Writing Center (Olin 131). If you ever want to make something of yourself, maybe you should go.