Abroad Blog: My Trip to the Science Quad


As a current junior set to go abroad in just a few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with travel as a way to prepare myself for what I am positive will be an eye-opening, enlightening, and life changing abroad experience. By travel, I mainly mean I have been going around to parts of Kenyon I don’t usually go to and narrating my explorations like I’m writing an abroad blog. That is what going abroad is all about right…the blogging experience? This past Sunday, a daring friend and I decided to study in the science quad. Now, as a Psychology major I should probably be more familiar with the science quad and its many joys, but let’s face it, I’m just not. I know my way around all the secret and luxurious corners of Sam Mather and that is where my knowledge stops. Our foray into the depths of the science quad was at times invigorating, surprisingly aesthetically pleasing, straight up confusing, and a little bit frightening.  Continue reading