Kenyon Doppelgängers: Harlee Mollenhopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17

The 5'2 first-years

The 5’2 first-years

Harlee Mollenkopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17 have been aware of each other’s presence on campus for quite awhile now. Both girls, bustling with laughter, commented on how often they are mistaken for each other. Maya noted that she was mistaken for Harlee earlier in the week when a concerned student asked her how her leg was doing (Harlee hurt her leg a few weeks ago in a sledding accident.) Both girls commented on times people got angry when they did not answer a call for the other girl. Maya even was offered a potential lover when one of Harlee’s exes said “Why don’t I just date you? You’re basically Harlee anyway.”

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Kenyon Doppelgängers: Rachel Spraos ’14 and Sydney Fishman ’14

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From left to right: Rachel and Sydney

Rachel Spraos and Sydney Fishman, both class of 2014, lived in the same room their first year at Kenyon. They proceeded to live as roommates their sophomore year, housemates their junior year and are currently living their senior year cozied up, once again, in a double.

Hear and see more of this dynamic duo after the jump.

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Do’s and Dont’s Around Prospies and Tour Groups

the shining twins at kenyon

“Welcome to Kenyon. Come play with us.”

The sudden influx of the prospie-parent dynamic duos this week has doubled Gambier’s population and has likely sent your pansy-ass into an original case of culture shock.  And you just got over the Amish invasion. Cool your jets man, we’re here to help. A few tips on prospie/tour group etiquette:

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