[Student-Info] Sims Construction Update – Phase 2 Initiated


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Kenyon Student #1 fleeing from the police


Attention all Kenyon College students, faculty, and simulated critters: the Kenyon 2020 Plan is now shifting from Phase 1 into Phase 2. Read on to see the first images of the new Kenyon library. Also, please be aware of recent mod glitches––we’ve recently noticed modular units popping up on Peirce lawn, which definitely isn’t part of the plan, right?  Continue reading

The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

Hey all, hope you’re having a fantastic start to the semester.  The weather’s been nice enough, the pizza at Peirce has been dope, and the hills are alive with the sound of music.  What more can you ask for?  Well, before you answer that, I have what you’ve been looking for – the newest edition of the Adventures of D-Cat, the series where we pop into the world of Sims and see what our lovely president has been up to.

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The Adventures of D-Cat

This post was co-authored by Julia Lindsay and Nate Rosenberg. 

It’s always been a wonder to us how D-Cat spends his spare time.  So, naturally we decided to let you guys in on what he does when you’re not watching. By this, of course we mean that we turned him into a Sim.

Like any good college student, D-Cat likes to enjoy some juice with the ladiez on the weekends. Continue reading

The Thrill x The Sims 3


Several weeks ago, co-Editor-in-Chief Spencer Kaye came to me and asked me to play the Sims for him. Specifically, he wanted me to make an avatar of each Thrill editor, place them in a house together, and see what they got up to. Other than writing for a blog, making videos of ourselves, and sending self-important text messages to each other, watching cartoon versions of ourselves is what really gets our egos going. I couldn’t help but feel my entire life had been leading up to this moment. I LOVE the Sims. I spent far more time with my Sims than with other people when I was a kid.

Turns out, the Sims 3 has all these awesome customizable features, so I was especially excited to sit down and attempt to Sim-ify my co-bloggers. Several crises arose: The registration code wouldn’t work, the saved games are computer specific, so I lost all my progress, and there is no option to give a Sim braces. But despite all this, I am happy to present to you the Thrill Family. Because you know what’s more fun playing The Sims? Watching someone play The Sims.  Continue reading