From the Collegian Archives: Statue in the Squad

When I first toured Kenyon, as a sophomore in high school tagging along behind my sister, I was told by the tour guide that the giant statue in the Squad was supposed to evoke some kind of cell (neuron? particle?) structure, but students often compared it to a profile of Elvis with a spike stuck through it. Three and a half years later, I’m a sophomore at Kenyon and I’ve never heard it compared to Elvis and I have learned it has nothing to do with any kind of scientific structure.

I know the statue is on loan from Graham Gund, but other than that I knew very little about the statue, as aside from the name (Large Spindle Piece) until I discovered this Collegian article from October 24, 2002, which was written at the time the loan was announced. Read on for more info on Large Spindle Piece than you may care to know (unless you really like sculptures, then maybe its not enough). Continue reading

Kenyon Explorer: Study Safari

Smashing! via

Smashing! (via

Kenyon is a small campus in a tiny town, which may lead students to quickly feel like they’ve seen everything there is to see on the Hill. Here to shatter that comfortable illusion is the Kenyon Explorer! This week, I put on my trusty pith helmet and headed into the bush to find study spaces off the beaten path. Continue reading