Theft at Village Market, Over $6,000 Taken

This post was authored by Henri Gendreau ’16, Associate Managing Editor for the Collegian.

Village Market Manager Tim Newton said video footage revealed that an individual used a crowbar to gain entry to the Market.

Village Market Manager Tim Newton said video footage revealed that an individual used a crowbar to gain entry to the Market. (Credit — Henri Gendreau)

A person dressed in a black hoodie, mask and sporting gloves broke into the Village Market over the weekend, making off with $6,170.12 in cash, checks and change.

Video footage reveals that at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 10, an individual crow-barred the Market’s back doors and an inner door, according to Village Market Manager Tim Newton.

Newton said that when he came in on Saturday morning he noticed that “the door leading from the Deli was not locked” — it was ajar.

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10 o’clock list: Ways Not to Have Your Food Stolen in Communal Fridges



Ah yes, the wonders of residential dorm life, thin walls, drunken students wandering the halls, and beloved communal spaces. After along day, sometimes all you want is to remove your day-old, half eaten, VI burger and fries from the communal fridge and finish season two of House of Cards. But we’ve all had the terrifying experience of opening the fridge and seeing just empty space between yogurts and half-empty Coke bottles. No hamburger in sight. You lift your head to the sky and bellow a curse because the Market is now closed and you have nothing. Next time will be different though. Next time you will thwart the drunken thief with any one of the following ways to protect your food in community fridges.

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10 o’clock list: 5 Ways To Make Your Laptop Theft-Proof

This sneaky sleeve hides your lappy in plain sight... in Mexico.

This sneaky sleeve hides your lappy in plain sight… if you happen to be in Mexico.

In light of recent events, including the theft of three laptops from Olin on Tuesday, I’ve begun toiling over the idea of being suddenly separated from my baby. And by baby I mean my Macbook. I mean, how would I write my essays or gather sources for my research paper if somebody swiped my laptop? Do you know how many sentimental photos and unreleased hip-hop singles  I’ve got on there? Too many to count. That’s why we should seriously consider beefing up the security on our prized (and pricey!) possessions. While some of these serious tips might be more expensive than others, a $30 lock or app is a lot cheaper than the cost of replacing a $1000 laptop. So let’s get down and dirty with 5 ways to make your laptop virtually theft-proof.

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Breaking: Three Laptops Were Taken from the Library Tonight


Greg von Freymann, a supervisor with the Office of Campus Safety, has confirmed to The Thrill reports on social media that three laptops were stolen from the library tonight.

He said that a suspicious person, identified as a brown-haired man in his mid-to-late 20s wearing a camouflage hoodie and blue jeans was spotted entering Olin Library at around 8:45 p.m. and leaving, about five minutes later, with a laptop under his arm. He was described to Campus Safety as approximately six feet tall. According to von Freymann, the man was also spotted at the KAC this evening, but did not turn up when officers searched campus.

Von Freymann asked that if students see anyone suspicious or out of place, they contact Campus Safety immediately.

Alert: Keep an Eye on Your Stuff in Club Olin

The Thrill has gotten two separate (and as of yet unconfirmed now confirmed) reports of laptop thefts in the library just now. Be careful, or else you won’t have a device from which to play embarrassing tunes.

The Thrill and the Collegian will attempt to confirm with Campus Safety and update as we learn more.