Alert: Keep an Eye on Your Stuff in Club Olin

The Thrill has gotten two separate (and as of yet unconfirmed now confirmed) reports of laptop thefts in the library just now. Be careful, or else you won’t have a device from which to play embarrassing tunes.

The Thrill and the Collegian will attempt to confirm with Campus Safety and update as we learn more.

Do it tonight: Theft, Safety and Vandalism Dessert & Discussion

Come to Peirce Lounge tonight at 7:00 p.m. for  a Dessert and Discussion about theft, vandalism and safety at Kenyon. This event is meant to call attention to recent events at Kenyon this semester that have left many groups of people feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. The discussion, sponsored by Peer Counselors, Project for Open Voices, Greek Council and Crozier, is meant to bring the Kenyon community together by starting an open dialogue. All opinions are welcome, as the goal of this discussion is to help bridge the widening gap between different groups on campus, and foster a sense of community. For some added incentive, delicious dessert from Pink Cupcake will also be served!

  • What: Dessert and Discussion: Theft, Vandalism, and Safety at Kenyon
  • Where: Peirce Lounge
  • When: 7:00 p.m. on  Thursday, Nov. 8

Seven People Arrested in Local Theft Ring, Lawn Mowers Safer Now

Well, this is reassuring. After a years-long investigation, local prosecutors have indicted seven people for involvement in a theft ring that they allege stole more than $500,000-worth of property. The ring, which spanned a number of Ohio counties, including Knox, specialized in stealing heavy equipment like trucks and mowers. They sold the stolen goods online, News Channel Ten is reporting.

Gosh, this makes me glad I didn’t bring my bulldozer to campus this semester. That and the fact that I couldn’t get parking North.