Next year’s Theme Housing options!

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The Theme Housing program at Kenyon College provides a unique living experience that enables a group of students to live together and explore a common area of interest or theme. See if next year’s newest Theme Housing options are right for you!

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How To Play the Housing Lottery. And Win.


Dreaded Mather

The Housing Lottery is usually thought to be extremely deterministic–you receive your number, and you accept your fate. However, as a rising sophomore facing a double with a stranger in Mather, you might not be so keen on accepting defeat just yet. What can you do? Play the system, and play it well. Here’s how: Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Unexpected Theme Housing Applicants

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Did Beyoncé apply for theme housing?

The acceptance window for theme housing applications officially came to a close with the start of spring break. Those seeking to avoid the wrath of the housing lottery flocked to ResLife, bullshit in hand, rushing to submit their proposals before 4:30 p.m. While you may have heard about some of the more typical contenders, such as Outdoors House and French House, you probably haven’t heard about some of the more eccentric applicants. This may be because they don’t exist–but if they did, we would pull for them. Here’s a list of student groups that should not only exist, but would spice up the campus with theme housing.

  1. The Feral Cat House. Striving for excellence with a frisky state of mind, this group will not only facilitate informative cat massage lessons, but will also seek to raise awareness about feral cats through kitty cuisine, feline films, and knitting. Residents will forgo usage of typical bed arrangements in favor of sleeping in cat jungles. Continue reading