Best “I got accepted to Kenyon! OMG!” Tweets


It’s that time of the season again where the prospies become admitted students!Ā  And that means that Twitter is alive with some very happy people who want to share the good news!Ā  Check out some of our favorite tweets below! Continue reading

Thumbs Up: When We Got Our Envelopes



It’s that time of year. The Kenyon Admissions Twitter is full of smiling students with their Thumbs Up letters. In the spirit of admission, we asked community members to share the story of when they found out they were admitted. Their stories are funny and heartwarming.

I got off the wait list about two weeks before my high school graduation. The guy who called me said the admissions committee had looked over my application again and told me that, upon further inspection, were so intrigued by the fact I handled Pembroke Welsh Corgis they were going to accept me after all. I mean, I was hoping it would be my AP classes or something, but getting into a college because I trained herds of dwarf-dogs makes for an alright story.

–Lauren Bittrich ’16

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