The Art of F***ing Up: The “Izzy and Tuba Tour PEAS/ECO” Edition

For weeks now, Thrill staffers and intrepid videographers Tuba and Izzy have been crafting a theme housing video tour. Sadly, it’s just not in the cards right now, so until the AV kinks are worked out, they’re giving us the next best thing – a photomontage of their attempt to tour ECO Krafternoon.

This is what failure looks like.

We have failed. Miserably. You see, many moons ago, we came up with a brilliant plan to give exposure to Kenyon’s themed housing events via video tour, ex: Meditation, Dessert and Discussion, International Food Tasting, etc. We had a brief soiree at the Buddhist House, but shit got too real for the internet. We decided to try again at ECO House’s weekly Krafternoon event. Needless to say, that didn’t go too well either. Whether it was because the camera work was shoddy or the fact that half of our interviews were with inanimate objects, one thing was blatantly clear: we should never be in front of a camera … like, ever.

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Kenyon Kribs: ECO/PEAS House

There is a little fisherman that guards the door to the Stepford-esque (at least from the outside) ECO/PEAS house. Inside lies a space perfect for eating and crafting, with annoyingly spacious rooms and tigers plastering the walls. If you stop by to take photographs of their home, they may serve you chocolate tea or homemade bread. Their living room space is home to D.I.Y. Krafternoon every Friday, as well as a blue, fuzzy, somewhat phallic pillow. The eight residents brew beer, build bikes, bake bread, and also run and bike. Basically, they are the crafty, outdoorsy people you wish you were, living together in a beautiful house.

See more of their cozy, messy home after the jump!

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