10 o’clock list: Mixes for Kenyon


Good vibes, man (via digitalmomblog.com)

Let’s face it: we’ve all wished at least once that our lives came with dramatic movie background music. Every moment could be spiced up a little with its own theme music. Thankfully, now that we live in the 21st century, sites like Spotify and 8tracks can give us just the right playlist for when you want to study, sleep, or party. But that doesn’t really cover the scope of what people experience, especially at a place like Kenyon–it’s time for the mixtape artists of the world to step up and start churning out tunes for all those little “only at Kenyon” experiences. Luckily, I’ve come up with a few ideas.

1. The Last Mac and Cheese Wedge – The only thing worse than ordering pity mac and cheese wedges to your dorm while stress writing an entire 10-12 essay due at 8:00 the next morning is when you realize you’re staring down at the last morsel of self-indulgence and that your “food break” is coming to an end soon. Your grief intensifies; for a moment everything feels still, and you’re suspended in the seconds between crying and laughing. You swallow that last bite around the anxious lump in your throat, and lowly in the background, a morose beat picks up. Suggested listening: Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

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