The Monday Catchup


This summer choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher such as ketchup

I know what you’re smelling. It’s the stench of finals, but behind that there is a whiff of promise — of some sort of summer camp, camp fire, fire fly summer. It’s close friend, but you know what you have to do before you can start cracking open brewskis on the beach with your bros.

You have to rub your eyes, pop an advil (or two), wipe the crusty drool from the corner of your mouth, look at yourself in the mirror and bask in your genius. Walk down middle path double-fisting your desired diuretic(s) of choice (coffee is nice, but we will also accept tea, soda, or alcohol as alternatives or adjuncts). Before you abandon you all hope, cling to these remnants of the weekend.

“The Kokes made me feel very special”

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