Seniors Reminisce: Most Missed Outdoor Sitting Spots


This just doesn’t look very comfy. via

Reminiscences are hard after Spring Break, the whole ‘Kenyon Experience’ starts to feel like a blobby mush, and it becomes very hard to pick apart the memories. This is why people keep journals. Recently, it’s been a real fight for the group of adirondacks outside of Rosse Hall and the ones outside of Gund Gallery; people eye them as they leave their classes, ready to squelch any turd who gets in their way. I swear this is not just me. As someone who has always hated Competitive Outdoor Chair-Hunting, I’ve been thinking a lot about this: I think it might be a conspiracy related to global warming and ‘they’ are slowly trying to move us indoors more permanently. But that’s not really relevant. Here are some of the most missed outdoor sitting spots: Continue reading