Kenyon Alum Responds to Title IX Audit

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In a recent blog post on the KC Alumni for Title IX website, Kenyon alum Michael Hayes ’14 responded to an external investigator’s audit of how sexual assault cases are handled by the College. While the audit was a decent first step towards admitting that there are issues with the Title IX process at Kenyon, Hayes points out that “the College considers this Report to be a convincing addition to its growing inventory of assurances that everything is not as bad as it seems.”

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Title IX: Last Semester’s Events and this Semester’s Changes

Last semester was not an easy one at Kenyon. A series of events surrounding Title IX spurred campus-wide anger and demanded conversation. Time has passed, and naturally that conversation has faded. As the hill welcomes a new first-year class and many students returning from abroad, it’s a good time to review (or learn) what happened last semester. This post will also highlight this semester’s changes to Kenyon’s Title IX practice and policy.

The purpose of this post is to encourage further conversation. For this article, I talked to two Sexual Misconduct Advisors. It discusses rape and sexual assault.

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Changes in Administration Need Leadership, Not Equivocation

*Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault* 

This post was guest authored by Charlie Collison ’15, a former SMA. 

Like many of my fellow and former classmates, this week’s events continue to make a huge impression upon me as a recent graduate, as the sibling of a current Kenyon student and friend to many others, and as a former Sexual Misconduct Advisor. The purpose of my writing is to share information from my experience as an SMA that individuals may find useful as Kenyon’s community calls to improve the college’s policies and procedures. Continue reading

Alumni Respond to Title IX Concerns with Open Letter


Friday, April 29th, 2016

Dear President Decatur,

On Wednesday, April 27, a private online forum was created for alumni to share thoughts, concerns, and ideas in response to the blog post in which Michael Hayes detailed his sister’s rape and its aftermath. The group was created out of concern about sexual assault and violence on campus and, as of this afternoon, had over 900 members and continues to expand. In addition to showing solidarity with current students and sharing our own experiences with these issues, we hope to promote changes in policies and procedures that benefit the entire Kenyon community. Continue reading

In Case You Missed It: What You Need to Know About the Title IX Forum

cw: This article discusses sexual assault.


Thursday at 4:15 p.m. counselor Nicki Keller, Title IX Coordinator Andrea Goldblum, Deputy Title IX Coordinator Linda Smolak, next year’s Interim Title IX Coordinator Sam Hughes, and the Sexual Misconduct Advisors facilitated a somewhat tense Title IX forum in Gund Gallery’s Community Theater.

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