10 o’clock list: 5 Ways to Come Out (If You Want!/If You Can!)

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Like we said, today is National Coming Out Day! Woohoo! Coming out can be an amazing experience, though for a lot of people, it may not be the best option. There is a wide variety of reasons why people do or don’t feel comfortable and secure coming out, and across the board, those reasons are real and valid. Even if you have the privilege of being able to come out without it affecting your safety or circumstances, it can be a really scary process, frequently one that takes your whole life time. Personally, four years ago, I thought I would never come out, two years ago I told my best friend in her Caples dingle, one year ago I told my mom in the car after a doctor’s appointment and this past Friday I came out to some of my newer friends during a stand-up open mic. Right now, I’m coming out to some people reading this. HEY, I’M QUEER. Cool.

If you feel like coming out is the move you want to make, that’s awesome! Here are some ideas:

  1. Up in the Clouds: Coming out is kind of a big deal, and sky-writing is big. Like the letters are so big. You can just take whoever you want on a walk and say, “Hey, what’s that over there?” and point at the sky-writing and then say, “Oh yeah, that’s about me.” Continue reading

Made in Peirce: Apple Granola Toast

It's beauty and it's grace.

It’s beauty and it’s grace.

Now that it’s winter and snowing everywhere, everyone crowds around the toasters in Peirce as they occasionally set fire to bits of bread in awe. Whether you like jam, butter, or peanut butter on your toast, it arguably is one of the best and most convenient meals to make in Peirce. However, it’s time to add some “crunch” to that bread. For you fruit and granola lovers out there, here’s a new recipe for the ultimate toast.

Continue reading