Finals Time Library Etiquette: Don’t Fuck Up


Finals are scary, there is really no way around it. Everyone is stressed. Our brains are tired. Our senses are heightened. We are hungrier. Smellier–I mean who really has time to shower? We are also more audibly sensitive. There is nothing worse than sitting in the library, staring at a blank Word document with incredible intensity, daring your brain to come up with a thesis, when all of the sudden a burst of voices explodes on your periphery  and all of your concentration is lost.  Continue reading

Campus QTree: Tall Green Pine Looking Guy

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.33.18 AM

Well, it’s November again. Sweaters are no longer optional. Thanksgiving is looming and the campus trees have officially come out to play. Lucky for you all, that means that it’s time for The Thrill to pick up on our exciting feature where we spotlight a dashing yet suave tree that is currently making our walk to Peirce a bit more exciting. This week we would like to introduce to Tall Green Pine Looking Guy. Get ready to be charmed.

Name: Tall Green Pine Looking Guy Continue reading