10 o’clock list: Tragedies of Star-Crossed Lovers to Give You Hope or Schadenfreude

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Romance poets say love is pain, but love is also love and sometimes pain is just pain. Given that the annual amount of Valentine’s Day pain is higher than usual, I thought I’d share with you the stories of separated lovers across myth and time. Perhaps COVID is just another trial and tribulation in our neverending tale of love and loss and love again. Perhaps romanticizing struggle perpetuates it in the belief that only suffering validates happiness, which leads to people without power not seeking help or those in power not offering it. Either way, love hurts, so here’s my top picks for the heart-wrenchiest stories of all.

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AllStu2 is Shutting Down

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Some tragic news has been announced this morning: AllStu2 will be shutting down in June. After a two year run, the creator, Mark Larus ’13, has decided to shut it down. What are we going to do without random e-mails that simply contain James Plunkett ’13’s name? AllStu2 has been the source of some truly inspirational e-mails. Larus used AllStu this morning to announce its end this coming June, after his graduation. Most importantly, in Larus’ goodbye address, he gives a shoutout to the Thrill. Hopefully someone will step up to the plate so that we can continue receiving e-mails about stolen pizza in the middle of the night.

Gourdzilla: October-November 2011

Today, Kenyon College lost a great friend. Gourdzilla, our morbidly-obese-decorative-gourd-in-residence, has been removed from her place of honor in Peirce servery and is presumed dead. Throughout her tenure at the College, Gourdzilla was a symbol not only of autumn, but of the very spirit of this institution. Every day, she brought joy to Kenyon’s students, who otherwise would have nothing but the omelet station to brighten their early morning breakfasts.

The Thrill feels a special connection to Gourdzilla, because we grew up with her. One of our first posts covered the early rumors of her arrival, and we followed her as she put down roots here and truly became a member of the Kenyon family.

Gourdzilla leaves behind dozens of decorative gourdlings, all of whom loved their mother dearly and will gravely miss her. While we do not know what happens to us, or to gourds, when we pass from this world*, one thing is certain: Gourdzilla’s absence will leave a 1,084 pound void at Kenyon, one which we at The Thrill sincerely hope will be filled by new generations of Gourdzillas in autumns to come. Goodbye, Gourdzilla. We’ll miss you.

*for gourds, at least, what happens is probably composting

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