10 o’clock list: Terrifying Things I’ve Seen in the Woods of I-80 PA

The Into the Wild Bus

Having sat in the passenger seat on the journey from Kenyon to Connecticut what feels like one hundred times, the four straight hours looking into the woods of what I consider mountains on I-80 Pennsylvania have told many a frightening tale! Here are some things I may or may not have seen that chilled my bones.

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10 o’clock list: Study Abroad in Ohio!


Have the abroad experience of a lifetime without leaving the corn fields you’ve come to know and love!

Geographically speaking, Gambier is located in the Middle of Nowhere. Understandably,  some students students feel stir crazy after a few years and embark on Off-Campus Study. Dozens of programs bring to bring them all over the world, from Argentina to New Zealand!

But why explore the world when you can visit the very cities you’ve been dreaming of… without leaving Ohio? Experience cultural immersion in the very same state. Look at this multitude of options, and get in touch with the OCS Office before it’s too late!

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10 o’clock list: 5 Things I Rediscovered About Kenyon After Being Abroad

The daunting task of decorating a single is only one of many challenges faced by the author upon her return to campus.

I know you’re sick of hearing about us, but students who studied abroad are facing some interesting challenges as we re-acclimate to Kenyon life. Apropos of Thea’s post earlier, here’s a list of the top five discoveries I’ve made in the last week-and-a-half being back on campus. Continue reading