10 o’clock list: Hidden Gems of Gambier


wow what a cool place in which we ingest knowledge

Everyone knows Kenyon is pretty. Middle path, trees that change color sometimes: we get it, okay? But there are some hidden treasures on campus that even the most knowledgeable upperclassman may not have heard of. Things so shiny and beautiful that you just want to shout “That thing is so shiny and beautiful!” I dug deep for this post, guys. Buckle up your big kid pants, because these heretofore unknown secrets are going to blow much more than your socks off. Behold, the hidden gems of Gambier:

  1. This gem
    IMG_4810Located next to Kenyon’s Church of the Holy Spirit, this gem is hard to find, nestled in grass next to the sidewalk. A great spot for a photo op, it is sure to bring joy to anyone who spots it!



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