The Kenyon Inn: An Appreciation


This past Parent’s Weekend  I was lost, adrift, wandering around campus without my parents and searching for a bigger purpose. Thankfully, I was temporally adopted by a dear friend and fellow Thrill editor. Her mother took us to the Kenyon Inn, where we wined, dined, and enjoyed ourselves. I had forgotten how good the Kenyon Inn could be. After this first dalliance, I became obsessed. I needed to find a way to incorporate the Kenyon Inn into my daily life in order to appreciate it fully. Continue reading

Distract Yo’ Self: Jazzercise!

Jazzercise | Found Footage Festival.

Are you gonna be chillin’ in Club Olin until 2 a.m. tonight? Take a couple minutes to treat yo’ self with another installment of ’80s magic, courtesy of As host Judi Sheppard would say, “You can’t tell me that doesn’t feel good, because I know it does.” Just click the link above!